Code of Conduct

You can download a PDF of these rules.

The Camp Rules are:

  1. Our youth and family camp property is a non smoking, drug and alcohol free zone and we thank you for your cooperation in maintaining it that way. 
  2. To ensure our prices to a minimum please leave all facilities clean on departure. Failure to do so will incur a contactors cleaning charge. This will include cleaning out the microwave and the fridge/freezer. The bench tops will need wiping down and the floors vacuumed. 
  3. Our NO PETS policy is in harmony with the Caravan Parks and Camping Ground Regulations 1997 and complies with the campground being an A Class Reserve.
  4. To prevent erosion please use the pathway to the beach and avoid damaging the beach foliage. 
  5. Please do not rearrange or remove any furnishings or equipment. Please do not stick anything to the walls. 
  6. Always use the external shower to remove sand before entering the bathroom complex. Children must be supervised at all times. 
  7. Sunset Friday to sunset Saturday is our special day of worship. Thankyou for avoiding, whenever possible, the use of laundry facilities during these times. 
  8. All campers are to check in and pay on arrival. Group coordinators are responsible for the collection and payment on arrival. 
  9. All damage to site property, including soiled mattresses, will be charged to the family/group leader. 
  10. There are guidelines as to the erection of tents or flyscreen annexes. To save embarrassment please speak with the manager before setting up your camp. 
  11. A waste disposal dump station is available on site. Enquire to the Manager for further details 
  12. BBQ to be cleaned after use. Please use your own lighter/matches. 
  13. Please avoid the chewing of gum while at the park as it is difficult to remove from floors and other surfaces. 
  14. No noise, music, TV and lights after 11 PM.
  15. Bikes, Skateboards and Scooters are not to be ridden around the buildings. Please use the Cycle-way at the front of the Campground with your children.